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2040 Bronco Pro

Designed to tackle the difficult work required to help rejuvenate our world from the impacts of the anthropocene by taking part in regreening efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cobranding with Hyperlite Mountain Gear brings added technical expertise, as well as access to Dyneema fabric, an organic textile with incredible strength to weight. I designed the interior in this vehicle, with a focus on openness, reducing mass, and modularity to create a sense of immersion, simulate airflow, and provide a broad range of functionality. Suspended parts reduce the visual weight of each part, and fabric mesh surfaces increase breathability for the hot weather.





Transportation Design [BS]




Ian McClure

Hi. My name is Ian McClure, and I am a transportation design seniorat Lawrence Technological University. While growing up in Westchester County, New York, my family took frequent road trips. These were foundational experiences in my life, as I would pass the time with my nose pressed to the window trying to recognize car make and models from as far down the road as possible. As I grew up, my love for cars only increased, as my friends and I would visit exotic car dealerships and attend the Scarsdale Concours D’Elegance. These experiences sent me down the path I am on today. I am interested in positions in creative design, and I am especially interested in interiors. Thank you for checking out my page.

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