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Project Propel Xcel

This semester, as part of the sponsored project by the company “Everybody”, I was tasked to create an electric and autonomous personal mobility vehicle for inter-airport travel targeted to disabled users. Currently, modern-day airport wheelchairs are uncomfortable, lack ample space, and often leave the user with a negative experience. My goal is to create a personal mobility vehicle that is comfortable and adaptable to suit the user's needs, easing their airport travel stress and improving their overall experience. My vehicle blends a smooth and sleek design with a functional appearance through innovative and technological features. These features include a sit-stand mechanism, which elevates the chair to give the user an eye-to-eye level for better interactions, as well as an attachment system that allows the user to add additional accessories to further enhance their experience. Additionally, a phone app allows the user to book their experience in advance, choose their vehicle, and preferred attachments, to ensure on the day of travel, they have a stress-free travel experience. Thank you for taking the time to view my project!





Transportation Design [BS]




Alex Wendal

Hello! My name is Alex Wendel and I am currently a senior studying Transportation Design and enrolled in the Honors College at LTU. Ever since I was young, I have been passionate about both automobiles and design. Growing up in Westfield New Jersey, I have immersed myself in automotive culture by attending car shows and meets, launching my own car-detailing business, photographing, and videotaping cars, as well as sketching, and designing cars. I have been fortunate to attend Lawrence Tech, majoring in a program that combines both of my passions for automotive and design. This has allowed me to fulfill my quest to perfect my design skills, particularly in rendering and sketching, and then bring those concepts from a 2D sketch to a 3D conceptual model.

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