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Mobi 1

For this project, I was challenged to design a mobility device centered around inter-airport travel. For the duration of the project, there were a variety of goals taken into consideration. First of all, it was important to ensure that the final design had a sit-to-stand capability, along with a crouching capability, in order to allow for simple ingress/egress for a variety of users who could have a variety of heights, sizes, and limiting disabilities. Second of all, the device had to allow for the transport of a suitcase, carry-on bag, and other miscellaneous clothing items and products that are commonly taken on a flight. Finally, the device had to be stored in a common location, where it could be easily accessible and rented via phone app. The common location is also where the device would be charged and maintained. The final design was achieved through rigorous photoshop sketching and Gravity Sketch CAD development. Thank you for viewing my work!





Transportation Design [BS]




Nolan Andrasik

My name is Nolan Andrasik, and I’m a senior transportation design student at LTU. I’m passionate about all things automotive, especially classic American cars. As a design student, I’m interested in both exterior and interior design, and I’m most passionate about the sketching, rendering, and hands-on physical modeling processes. I’m originally from Medina, Ohio, where I’ve lived for my whole life up until moving to Southfield in 2018. You can see my entire portfolio on Behance by searching my name (Nolan Andrasik). You can also see my work by following my design account on Instagram: nolan.andrasik_design. Thank you for viewing my work!

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