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Hummer EV Overlander- Justin Hornback

The Hummer EV Overlander project was sponsored by General Motors.
My take on the Hummer Rover revolved around the issue I see arising when Mars becomes commercial. If there are more than five colonies running at once, and some being bigger than others, how will we supply those bases adequately with the transfer window being every two years and lasting only two months? Instead, there can be a single point in which all cargo will land. The consolidation allows for bulk hauls of cargo, and an unstoppable behemoth of a truck can carry that cargo where it needs to be. The truck has to be complete overkill to handle anything that it might come across - there's billions of dollars on that cargo bed. With 100" wheels designed for on-the-road maintenance, a 1.5m ground clearance, and large in-hub motors keeping the undertray clear of drive axles, this Hummer won by showing up.


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Justin Hornback

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