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Audi e-tron AR-T

This project centered around the concept of the Grand Tour, which is a European tradition that predates the car. While nowadays it centers more around driving performance, in the past it was about exploring culture, learning skills, and creating art. My concept, the Audi e-tron AR-T seeks to enable all of these activities, with a shifting proportion that allows for both high performance driving as well as leisure. Augmented reality technology is used to aid in cultural enrichment and learning. Models were built in Gravity Sketch and Alias, and rendered in VRED and Unreal Engine.
This course challenges students to design an efficient New Propulsion performance vehicle for an identified brand.
Building on the methodologies from Transportation Design Foundations, students will be challenged to define a new aesthetic based on optimizing the efficiency of the vehicle’s performance.
To further their knowledge, students will begin to research, understand and incorporate into their designs emerging technologies, processes, and materials that support an efficient performance execution narrative.


Art + Design



Transportation Design  [BS]


IG: @mcclax.draws


Ian McClure

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