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The Volkswagen Schwimmwagen is a small 4x4 vehicle designed to take on any type of terrain. This project was sponsored by Mobility Works in Detroit, tasked with creating a unique solution to impaired mobility. My customer is bound to a wheelchair and feels like their life is hindered because of this. The concept is meant to break boundaries both physically and mentally. Starting this project off I looked at the VW Thing for inspiration. I love the overall quirky attitude it has and wanted to recreate that in my concept. I bounced between digital sculpting and sketching to find my design. The Schwimmwagen is capable of traversing any terrain that the user desires, including water. I celebrated this capability into the design by integrating wheels that turn into paddles to propel the vehicle. Breaking both physical and mental boundaries; the VOLKSWAGEN SCHWIMMWAGEN.


Art + Design



Transportation Design [BS]




Jacob Watts

I am currently a Junior studying Transportation Design at Lawrence Technological University. Conceptual thinking, digital sculpting, and design are among my many passions. Please, take a step into my concepts and enjoy! I look forward to your feedback.

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