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A level 5 autonomous light commercial vehicle (LCV) designed to help the growing small-scale businesses in India. Allowing customers to utilize the platform based on their requirements and business type.

A truck is basically a power tool on a vehicle. Capturing the essence of power tool on the exterior design, the frame on wheel is fully customizable LCV to help and grow the booming economy of small scale and startup businesses. The TAMO platform uses minimum body architecture and provides maximum cargo space.


Art + Design



Transportation Design [BS]


IG: @dhwanil.panchal


Dhwanil Panchal

Dhwanil Panchal is a senior in Transportation Design. He addresses real-world problems through applications of automotive and industrial design in his projects. He has gained vital industry experience of working on production, concept vehicles, automotive interiors, and components through his internships. He is a firm believer in working hard, working together and having fun along the way.

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