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Our brief was to solve a problem related to transportation and the daily lives of those who are affected by the metro Detroit area. I chose to focus on the family commuter.

Families need vehicles that can carry all of the things that they need to get around. But often times, those who commute in the city are stuck with their large family vehicles and waste valuable time and energy trying to find a place for them to park. I wanted to design a vehicle that can easily change sizes to accommodate the customer’s needs. Varying in size and orientation, the vehicle has both on the go and modular accommodations for the customer.


Art + Design



Transportation Design [BS]


Instagram: @hunter0310


Hunter Drake

Hunter is a sophomore in Transportation Design. He integrates his passion for future technologies and pushing the boundaries while staying technical enough to be feasible. He loves product design and integrating that passion into his automotive designs. He is a firm believer in hard work and leadership through team work.

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