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Our design brief was to solve a problem related to transportation and the liveliness of people residing in and around the Detroit area. I decided to tackle a problem related to contract workers.

Contract workers depend on their vehicles for their day-to-day jobs. Their vehicle is what gets them to the jobsite, keeps their tools safe, and much more. My design problem is to design a vehicle for contractors which will keep their equipment safe while offering an innovative way to store, access different tools for different jobs. At the same time, the vehicle will offer a work environment that is both convenient and protective from the environment.


Art + Design



Transportation Design [BS]


Instagram: @omyy___


Omkar Jadhav

Hello, I’m Omkar Jadhav, a sophomore Transportation Design Student at LTU. I like to address real word problems with my vehicles while making them efficient in terms of space, technology, and design. I have an additional background in engineering which I use to support my design decisions and make my designs practical and functional with current or future technology.

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