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The Japanese take pride in ownership of vehicles. Most people however, can only own one car because of space restrictions. This car has to do everything for them. This has made the kei car category popular, which was created by the Japanese government in 1949.These regulations specify a maximum vehicle size, engine capacity of 660cc and power output, so that owners may enjoy both tax and insurance benefits. With electric powertrains, space can be better utilized in the small footprint of a kei car while maintaining the benefits of this unique segment.


Art + Design



Transportation Design [BS]


Instagram: @omyy___


Omkar Jadhav

Hello, I’m Omkar Jadhav, a sophomore Transportation Design Student at LTU. I like to address real word problems with my vehicles while making them efficient in terms of space, technology, and design. I have an additional background in engineering which I use to support my design decisions and make my designs practical and functional with current or future technology.

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