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Our challenge was to visualize an electric muscle car interior. The biggest challenge with this project was thinking how to celebrate electrification. Traditionally muscle cars are the ones with the biggest gas guzzling engines. This made the design process different from a lot of projects because it was mainly about the styling of the interior. With this project I pushed the concept to be more technical. The interior has two different modes for the user; normal and sport. When in sport mode the interior helps the user focus with several integrated technologies; the steering wheel gets a tighter radius giving more control, the seat bolsters rotate to hold the driver in place, the folds towards the driver to create a separate cockpit just for them. The project celebrates the electrification of muscle cars by pushing traditional boundaries.


Art + Design



Transportation Design [BS]




Jacob Watts

I am currently a Junior studying Transportation Design at Lawrence Technological University. Conceptual thinking, digital sculpting, and design are among my many passions. Please, take a step into my concepts and enjoy! I look forward to your feedback.

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