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For this sponsored project, automotive designers from FCA had asked us students to envision how electrification will alter the Dodge line-up in the future. The juniors were assigned to design an interior that reflects the project brief. Therefore, I decided to create an all electric two seater muscle car interior. The goal for this project was to create a more personalized interior space for driver enthusiasts that still maintains Dodge’s brand design DNA. The customer group I was targeting are optimistic driver enthusiasts who want a completely new experience that represents the Dodge brand soul and maintains its high performance quality through electrification. While referencing the dimensions of the current Dodge Challenger exterior, I started to ideate different perspectives of the instrument panel with asymmetric shapes and unique forms to compliment what Dodge interiors have today. I then moved to ideating the whole interior. I was inspired by bold, pronounced, and exuberant product images for my design. The main focal point of my interior design is the large display screen that contains the gauge cluster and other essential driver information. To navigate through different pages on the display screen, users are able to control and select their desired options by touch buttons on my steering wheel design.


Art + Design



Transportation Design [BS]


Instagram: @evelyn_curry


Evelyn Curry

I am currently a junior majoring in transportation design. My career interests include creative design, interior design, and UX/UI. I have a strong passion for sketching and I love to study current design trends for inspiration. This summer I will be interning at FCA in their interior design studio.

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