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The DEWALT WIP is a project sponsored by MAGNA (an automotive supplier). Our challenge was to create a vehicle that offers an easy and effortless user mobility experience. I looked into how vehicles are being used in cities and found that vehicles are currently parked 95% of the time. I decided to create a utility truck that has a rentable business model. The vehicle would take on the uhaul truck market and give owners a chance to rent out their vehicle. The design has detachable components so that if a piece gets damaged when it is being used it can seamlessly be swapped and be back on the road. The main feature is the extendable bed which gives the user twice as much hauling space when needed. This would be DEWALTS newest tool in their lineup; the DEWALT WIP.


Art + Design



Transportation Design [BS]




Jacob Watts

I am currently a Junior studying Transportation Design at Lawrence Technological University. Conceptual thinking, digital sculpting, and design are among my many passions. Please, take a step into my concepts and enjoy! I look forward to your feedback.

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