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Rehabilitate Detroit on Mack Ave.

The homeless veteran’s shelter will assist the users of the building gain and learn the help they need to grow physically, mentally, and socially. To assist the growth of physical health, fitness centers, and mediation opportunities will be offered. Along with the meditation spaces, reflection rooms will be accessible. Classes, counseling, and on-site services will nurture mental development. Social spaces will expand communication skills and help residents connect back to the outside community. The spaces are scattered throughout the building to help users get out of their room to connect with others. A courtyard will help connect the interior with the exterior and try to pull people outdoors into the fresh air, ideally, helping the progress of physical, mental, and social well-being.





Interior Architecture



Interiors Studio 4



Instagram: @meghanlawlor

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Meghan Lawlor

Meghan is a dual degree student in Architecture and Interior Architecture and will be graduating this semester. She will be returning to New York after graduation to fulfill her dreams of working in NYC. Meghan enjoys spending time with family, traveling, going to the movies, and might have a slight addiction to caffeine.

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