Twenty percent of US population is suffering through some kind of disability. Despite a huge number, there isn’t a vehicle that is interactive and allows impaired person to feel independent. The current vehicles are modified on existing vehicles which offers nothing but empty shell with straps to secure the wheelchair.


Therefore, a focus on enabling a more active lifestyle for the disabled through a dedicated autonomous vehicle and corresponding user experience. A pod based on an EV platform that rotates 90 degrees allowing effortless in-n-out wheelchair access as well as a braille reader that communicates with a visually impaired person.  


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Dhwanil Panchal

Dhwanil Panchal is a senior in Transportation Design. He addresses real-world problems through applications of automotive and industrial design in his projects. He has gained vital industry experience of working on production, concept vehicles, automotive interiors, and components through his internships. He is a firm believer in working hard, working together and having fun along the way.

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