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Vilkaite Bench

Vilakas bench contrasts hard angular geometry with a soft cotton weave to create a harmony in the piece of furniture. Inspiration for the piece came from Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s furniture designs. The Vilakas Bench utilizes red oak, walnut, and cotton yarn. The red oak depicts the same type of wood that was used in many of Charles Rennie’s works, while the walnut odes to the dark lacquer that the furniture was painted. The navy blue was chosen as a contrast to the piece both in color and texture.





Interior Design [BS]




Emilija Vilkaite

Emilija Vilkaite is graduating with a dual bachelor’s in Architecture and Interior Architecture this Spring. She is working at a Residential Interior Design Studio, “Rima Designs”. Her interests in design include the relationship between humans and the built environment, as well as how the natural environment plays a role in design. Emilija enjoys working in residential interiors, but also dreams of designing architecture that utilizes unconventional materials and benefits both the environment and humanity. Emilija is also very passionate about photography and has showcased her images worldwide in 2021.

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