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Chalet Sojourn

Chalet Sojourn aids the people of Denver in a variety of innovative ways, with the goal of better serving the city’s patrons in a post pandemic world. Natural stone elements are integrated throughout the space, paying homage to the miles of mountains stretching
across Denver’s skyline. Each room enables the user to create a real “home away from home,” with customizable rooms, integrated technology, advanced security and privacy, and additional in room amenities. Entertainment, business, pleasure, and everything in between is hosted on site for a safe, clean, controlled environment. On every level, this hotel aims to compete with the comfort and safety of the home, mixed with the connectivity and efficiency of the office space.





Interior Design [BS]




Jalen Davis

Jalen Davis is a 5th year CoAD student, graduating this spring with a dual Bachelor's degree in Architecture and Interior Architecture. Davis is planning to attend grad school here at LTU in order to pursue his Master’s of Architecture. Currently Davis is employed at AECOM as a full time architectural designer. In the future Davis hopes to be involved in the integration of clean energies and technologies into architectural infrastructure, as well as work on sustainable and renewable housing projects in third world countries.

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