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The Tri-Shoe is a product I have wanted to design since my freshman year at Lawrence Technological. This athletic sneaker in an 100 percent 3D printed shoe that should be worn during an Ironman triathlon. This athletic sneaker be should worn during a race to decrease the amount of
time spent on transitions during a race. To give a little background. An Ironman triathlon is a multi-sport endurance race where athletes compete against each other to get the lowest time. In between each of the races , there is a timed transition period. To explain, this is a period of time when athletes change to begin the next race. When looking into the Ironman triathlon in-depth I noticed transitions were an area where athletes often added unnecessary time. My product is made to cut down that unnecessary added time for a faster final time.





Industrial Design [BS]






Benjamin Brittain

I am Benjamin Brittain a fourth-year Industrial Design student and creator t at Lawrence
Technological Univerity.

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