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The performer's companion

The performer’s companion is an all-in-one guitar designed as a revolutionary idea for musicians who are tired of the hassle and frustration of setting up their equipment. The built-in speaker and effects make it easy for musicians to focus on their music without worrying about complicated setups or transportation. The versatility of the design also allows for use in various settings, whether it's playing at campfires or practicing in the comfort of your own home. With less equipment to carry around, musicians can focus on what really matters - their music. This project will help improve the way musicians perform and practice, making it accessible to a wider audience who are looking for a simpler solution to their musical needs.





Industrial Design [BS]




Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson is a senior industrial design student with a passion for innovative and visually interesting designs. He enjoys taking on challenging projects that push his limits and require him to think creatively. Ryan’s design philosophy centers around solving real-world problems, while providing interesting designs. He also enjoys graphics and packaging, often experimenting with those elements.
In addition to his design work, John is an active member of the industrial design community, regularly attending design meetings and volunteering his time with various organizations. He also enjoys exploring his love for vintage media and collectibles from the 70s and 80s."

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