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The One & Done Portable Bed

The One & Done Portable Bed is a product that takes the comforts of your bed at home and combines them with the portability of a sleeping bag. The focus of this product is to
make a portable bed that is for those more niche travel situations, such as van living, glamping (or glamor camping), and even sleepovers. The bed, made up of connected sheets and a Japanese futon-inspired mattress, features flannel cotton sheets and a fleece blanket for cozy comfort, and features a waterproof, non-slip backing to keep the bed in place while you sleep. The cotton futon is sealed into the sheets via a simple zipper, and the bed can be folded and rolled up into a compact state, so it’s easy to
transport in any situation.





Industrial Design [BS]



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Phone Number: 248-924-5675


Alena Cook

Alena Cook is an Industrial Designer who makes it her mission to make each of her designs as effective and easy to use as possible. She likes to look at over-complicated
or inconvenient processes and ask the question; “Why has this been complicated, and how can it be simpler?”.
Alena has had training for various mills, saws, and other machining equipment since high school, and is a member of the IDSA LTU chapter. When she’s not working on
classes, she’s working a job, as her parents have instilled in her a good work ethic. She loves working, devoting herself to work as much as she can, and feels fulfillment from a hard day’s work.

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