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Steering Meal

Steering Meal is a project focused on the American habit of eating in the car. There are many reasons to be found eating in the car, but through all scenarios it is found to be cramped and messy. This product is intended to utilize the space of a steering wheel with a built-in food tray. This way, space is maximized for the user with a surface directly in front of them to eat upon. The food tray is accessed by pushing back the steering handles and opening the base to a clean acrylic surface. Eating in the car can be a private escape with the Steering Meal.





Industrial Design [BS]



Phone: +1 (586) 689 1935


Megan Wiechowski

Megan Wiechowski is a senior at Lawrence Tech working towards her Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design. She was inspired by her parents' CAD work while growing up and intrigued by 3D printing, leading her down the path to Industrial Design. She has exceptional experience in CAD programs such as Rhino, SolidWorks, and NX. She enjoys the process of figuring out how parts can work together and compliment each other as a system. Megan most enjoys designing automotive accessories, soft goods, and table top products.

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