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Have you ever ordered food at a restaurant that was so good, you just had to share it with someone? Most restaurant plates are circular and not made for sharing easily. The Divvy Dinning Set lets you seamlessly connect with people over food. Designed for two people, but can be shared with a group, Divvy’s angled edges come together, allowing food to be shared from plate to plate. The matte and glossy ceramic glaze placement has intention and meaning while also giving the product and sleek and contemporary look. Whether cultural or emotional, sharing food is a way to connect with others, and Divvy provides that experience.





Industrial Design [BS]



Phone (248) 760-4475


Grace McIsaac

Grace McIsaac is a senior studying for a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. She likes working in a team and individually to develop new ideas and designs. Thinking about the small details of products is really important for her to make sure the use of the product is seamless and intuitive to the user. Grace enjoys designing small tabletop products for homes and also utilizes her digital skills with UX/UI design.

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