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Desca Lounge

The Desca Lounge is a Herman Miller inspired furniture piece that functions as both a place of work and a place of rest. Incorporating plant life and wood bending as a means to return to authenticity, natural materials, and self care within an at-home work environment. This long, 60” wide kerf bent desk has a chair attachment that the user can sit in multiple ways and be able to use their work space how they want, when they want.





Industrial Design [BS]



Phone: 248.990.7569


Kip Jarrett

Kip is a Senior at Lawrence Technological University studying for a bachelors in Industrial Design and a
minor in Game Design. A collaborative team player and independent learner with a track record of high-quality deliverables. He is passionate about the step by step process of creating a product from start to finish. Kip is most interested in design and has a wide array of experience in model making. Kip uses his proficient skills in CAD and hands-on knowledge to create not only high quality designs, but high-functioning and practical uses for products.

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