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The Stackgo

The Stackgo is a residential community design combining urban townhouses and low-rise apartments in a site. This project provides the living space needed for a wide range of users, from a student to a single person, to a young professional couple, and the growth of a future family. The construction method was inspired by the plug-and-play idea of LEGO pieces using composite materials. The modular will be constructed off-site and shipped to the site as a whole volumetric and connected to create larger units. This modular construction could be one of the solutions to the housing crisis in the future as it makes construction fast and safer. While buildings get taller and taller, low-rise architecture still needs to be included. Also, in post-COVID, the need for more private open spaces has grown. People now value their space and green space for better health, making it possible for low-rise architecture.








Thuy Duong Phan

Thuy Duong Phan is a master of architecture Track III student at Lawrence Technological University and is expected to graduate in Spring 2024. She recently worked as a part-time architectural staff at RemigerDesign in Midtown St. Louis. Thuy had a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds. She went to the University of Missouri-St. Louis for her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Arts History, and Mathematics. After graduating, she enrolled in Kansas University for her Master of Architecture program in 2013. However, she could not go to school due to a personal issue. After almost eight years, she returned to school to pursue her career goal of becoming a licensed architect.

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