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The Ann Arbor Public Library

The Ann Arbor Public Library is a four-story 100,000 square foot structure serving the community of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The form of the building was thoughtfully considered to maximize daylighting and shading at appropriate intervals throughout the day, capture energy through solar PV panels, harvest rainwater, and promote general education of these environmental features to the patrons within the Library. Bioclimatic considerations and Covetool Analysis were incorporated to evaluate heating load and energy usage. This information helped validate the benefits of the clerestory windows and large skylights and lightwells which became focal points of the Library. In addition to stacks and administration spaces, the Ann Arbor Public Library also includes a variety of exciting program spaces such as an art gallery, maker space, event spaces, terraces and green roofs available at multiple levels, and more.








Kathryn Winterscheidt

Kathryn Winterscheidt is currently a Master of Architecture candidate at Lawrence Technological University. Her final semester has included an exploration into Trauma Informed Design, the impact of biophilic acoustics on stroke patients, and robot telemedicine systems within healthcare facilities as a Graduate Research Assistant. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Design, Housing, and Merchandising (Interior Design) from Oklahoma State University, where she focused on universal design and historic preservation. Kathryn currently works at TDR Transforms in Oklahoma City, OK, undertaking a variety of projects as a Project Manager and Architectural Intern while she completes her education and works toward licensure (participating in LTU’s Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure program). She plans to incorporate her knowledge of Trauma-informed principles and universal design within the built environment in her future pursuits, to create spaces that promote health, hope, and emotional and physical well-being.

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