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River Front Lofts

The project proposes a mixed-use building in toward the Detroit riverfront that combines an afterschool
and daycare center, as well as loft apartments with high ceiling heights and large patios. The buildings
design is intended to create a modern and inviting atmosphere, and focuses on an apartment design
that prioritizes spaces for togetherness and well-being. It also is intended to be used for affordable
housing for small families, with each loft having the ability for its parts to be prefabricated and
assembled on site.








Summer Hassan

I'm Summer Hassan, an architecture student currently living in Ann Arbor, MI pursuing a Masters in Architecture here at Lawrence Tech. I also recently received my Bachelors of Architecture at LTU for my undergraduate degree. I am working as an Architectural Assistant, and is currently pursuing a career in Architectural Design with a focus on public and educational building design. My particular interest lies in learning new technologies and strategies to translate architecture through visual communication. After completing my master's degree, my goal is to study for my licensure in order to create as many opportunities as possible to be able design spaces that contribute to creating more inclusive and engaging communities.

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