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Operation Mars 2083

Operation Mars 2083 is a speculative project that investigates utilizing a modular wall panel, roof panel, and floor panel as the basis of creating habitable communities on Mars. The project assumes that in the year 2084 there has been a discovery of water reservoirs within the craters of Mars, and with this access to a vital resource as well Mars low atmospheric pressure, allows for habitable environments within these craters. The Modules are made up of Composite fiberglass components that are extremely lightweight and easy to ship and site assemble. Modules are shipped to Mars with the first colonists, with a detailed set of instructions on assembly, and colonists will build their living units of varying size. As the colony population grows, so does the community working its way down the crater. A central core runs through the entire community down to the water reservoirs of the crater and pumps water up and to the varying floors of the colony. Ultimately this sets a blueprint for the easily deployable living units to remote areas with minimal to no infrastructure for building.






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Shane Cromwell

Shane Cromwell is a Michigan born architectural designer who is currently based in Tulsa Oklahoma. Shane Graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and is currently seeking his Masters degree in architecture. After undergraduate Shane took a job at Seven Generations Architecture and Engineering in Kalamazoo Michigan and has been with the firm for six years. Shane primarily works on projects for Native American Tribes across the United States and has worked on projects in 18 different states, and 24 different Tribes. Shane is currently on track to become a licensed architect by 2025.

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