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Harmonious Life

This project is aimed at providing affordable housing for young professionals and retirees. The extent of economic disparity and the increasing cost of living in Boston has created a housing crisis, and the demand for low cost housing is becoming more present.

Cohousing offers low cost, private residential units due to the use of shared spaces and amenities, such as workspaces and kitchens. This results in residential units being smaller in size, with an emphasis on the use of social spaces. The project intends to provide a shared living experience among residents, while contributing to the community’s wellness. Located near a park and garden, this cohousing development integrates large public courtyards to foster interaction between residents and the surrounding community.








Ryan Brooks

Ryan Brooks graduated with a bachelors in architecture from the undergraduate program at LTU. He is currently scheduled to graduate with a masters degree in the summer of 2023, and plans to become a registered architect. Some of his interests include innovative construction methods and program uses, as well as utilizing parametric design.

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