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Archive & Church

Proposed archival space inside Christ Detroit Church brings people together as recognizing the historical / cultural vitality of Black Bottom time and place. Also, keep the artistic, functional value of the church and its level of historic integrity.
The impact of the 1946 construction of I 375 through downtown Detroit with special attention being paid to the destruction of the predominantly African American communities of Black Bottom and Paradise Valley as a result of the National Interstate and Defense Highway Act of 1956. Through significant research and study of the site proposal and the adjacent neighborhoods, Christ Detroit Church is a good example of an existing historical building to embrace the importance of sense of place and community value.








Lina Hatem

I am an Architectural Design at N.C. Designers in Dearborn, MI. I am passionate about design and creativity. I have my experience of technical and managerial skills improving design capabilities academically and professionally.

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