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Fresh in Latin, Recentibus is the grocery 2.0. A project catered for food deserts. The goal of the project is to deliver fresh food to farmers markets and the poor. This experience has two main configurations that allows the grocery 2.0 to be able to grow plants as it delivers them as well as keeping produce fresh.

As technology continues to develop and autonomous driving becomes dominant, Recentibus is a concept that can allow for safe, fresh produce to be delivered from farmer to consumer. It's simple design helps solve the complexity of this vehicle.




Industrial Design



Adrian Miling

I was born in Madrid, Spain. When I was fourteen years young, I decided to try a different path and go to school in Grand Rapids Michigan, my father’s hometown. While still living in Spain, I discovered that creative thinking was what I enjoyed the most. I began getting myself into as many projects as I could, from selling soap as thirteen years old to later on in the United States building FDM 3D printers and fixing up cars.
Here at Lawrence Technological University, I have studied industrial design with a brief background in Mechanical Engineering. During my junior year of University I have used my knowledge to focus on technology based projects.
One of my biggest achievements is joining Ford Motor Company where I worked with current vehicles in the 3D visualization department. Software’s included UE4, Maya, Illustrator, Solidworks, Fusion 360 and photoshop. In addition, during my university career I’ve been a part of the Men’s varsity soccer program

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