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Peugeot Geode

Peugeot Geode is a 2 door SUV designed for Viscom 4. Its styling is avant-garde, with a focus on contrast between a soft, supple greenhouse and a more rigid and structured body. A signature material break wraps around the front and sides of the car, highlighting quality, flashy materials and enveloping the carved out surfaces. This project was an exciting opportunity to explore new ideation techniques, improve my viscom abilities, and explore texture, lighting, and materials. This project represents a big step forward in my viscom skills, as well as my understanding of 3D space, and surfacing.




Transportation Design



Ian McClure

Hi. My name is Ian McClure, and I am a transportation design student at Lawrence Technological University. While growing up in Westchester County, New York, my family took frequent road trips. These were foundational experiences in my life, as I would pass the time with my nose pressed to the window trying to recognize car make and models from as far down the road as possible. As I grew up, my love for cars only increased, as my friends and I would visit exotic car dealerships and attend the Scarsdale Concourse D’Elegance. These experiences sent me down the path I am on today. I am interested in internships in creative design, and I am especially interested in interiors. Thank you for checking out my page.

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