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Magic Slapshot

Magic Slapshot is a 1v1 multiplayer game where it is up to the players to memorize each other's inputs to pass the fireball back and forth. The way the game controls is akin to the game Simon Says where each player has to repeat a chain of commands. At the end of the chain, the player with the ball will add a new input to the chain and pass it back. The opposing player will then repeat the process. This will keep repeating until someone takes too long or does an incorrect action, then the opposing player gets a point. First person to get a total of 3 points wins the game.




Game Design



Connor McLauchlan and Derek Youngert

Connor McLauchlan is a 2D Artist and Game Design student with a focus on character design and prop design. He takes heavy inspiration from the art styles of Supergiant Games titles, such as Hades and Pyre, and incorporates them into his own hard-shaded style. He enjoys high magic settings and visual effects, and it shows in his work with bright light and bloom.

Hello, I'm Derek. I love to create, and my main interest is in illustration and character design. My goal is to create high quality character designs that show personality. I am also a Game Design student that has worked mostly in Unity, creating assets and doing a little bit of coding in it.

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