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Freakshow Coffee

Freakshow brings attention to a number of issues plaguing the US, including toxic workplace cultures, caffeine dependence, consumerism, the divide between social classes, and capitalism. Freakshow is a fictional company that started off selling coffee on a small scale and eventually grew into an evil, global conglomerate over a 10 year period. Using a heavily satirical tone and circus-themed imagery and language, Alex and Kara created a brand identity for the company and engaged in speculative design to mimic how corporations use design to manipulate their audience -- and how this trend may become even more predatory in the future.




Graphic Design



Kara Dawkins and Alexandra Bucciero

Kara Dawkins has a passion for developing brand identities and has experience working with both print and digital media. As a designer at Woodward & Willis, LTU’s student-run and faculty-directed design studio, Kara has worked on a number of projects. This includes branding and creating promotional materials for Ann Arbor Virtual Pride 2020 and 2021. Serving as the vice president for LTU’s AIGA chapter for two consecutive years, Kara is involved in Lawrence Tech’s graphic design community.

Alex Bucciero enjoys illustration and branding for social media and has experience working on internships and freelance projects. In 2021, Alex interned at Childhood Cancer Society for a nonprofit social media group based around the story called “Adventure Ted,” written by Tommy Head, the founder. During this time Alex mostly created comics, sketched comic ideas, organized events, and created illustrations for social media posts. Serving as the president of LTU’s AIGA chapter for 2021-2022, Alex has helped to organize events while creating freelance illustrations.

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