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Conducting medicine through video calls became a necessity during the COVID pandemic, especially for the safety of elderly and immunocompromised patients. This proved the efficacy of telemedicine and cemented its place in professional practice. Telemedicine is coming to physical therapy, which can be great for patients, but causes significant challenges for therapists from lack of physical interaction. This project is a series of muscle sensors that a physical therapy patient can wear to monitor exertion and range of motion to allow both patient and therapist to better understand the patient's progress and give greater confidence in not overexerting them self in everyday life.




Industrial Design



Julia Hedlund

My name is Julia Hedlund (she/her) and I am a graduating Senior in Industrial Design. My career goal is to work in accessibility and disability design. Being able-bodied is at best a temporary part of our lives, and design needs to better accommodate for the specific needs of every user. I am also invested in research as an important part of the design process, including direct interviews with experts and target users.

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