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Concinnity collection

Design a user pleasing line of “jewelry” that utilizes the ideas of touch, embrace, and a celebration of self to develop the physical elements of the concept. The design extracts forms from the interpretation of touch from another to make a gender unbiased piece of body jewelry. This design series is for a person who wears decoration to bring joy and merriment to themselves. With fashion forever changing and evolving, the time has come to allow people to wear jewelry for their own enjoyment rather than for the approval of others.




Industrial Design



Jenna Sloane

Jenna Sloane is a senior in the College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Technological University where she is completing her honors bachelors of science in Industrial Design. She expects to graduate in May of 2022. She is also a student at Gemological Institute of America working towards completing her Graduate in gemology.

Jenna is influenced by bright colors and intriguing textiles and likes incorporating those aspects into her designs. Her aim is to create evocative experiences through my designs.

Jenna began her company designing and creating pinecone pendants In January of 2018. Her most popular pieces utilize gemstones and sacred geometry keeping true to her passion for color and patterns. In addition to handcrafting jewelry, she now possesses the skills to market goods and run an independent business. More recently, Jenna has tried her hand at lapidary. With her emphasized importance to detail, Jenna meticulously facets gemstones to bring out the luster and beauty out of the rough of a gemstone.

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