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The Ribbon Chair

The Ribbon Chair, named for its swooping back that seemingly fades into the base, is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. The geometry of the back, base, and hand-turned tapered legs pay homage to his Usonian era designs. Angled strips of wood making up the back are hand-joined using a unique take on the tongue and groove method, minimizing the use of hardware and honoring the material’s natural state. Pulled from a midcentury color palette, the fabric of the cushion echoes the overall curved geometry.


Art + Design



Interior Design [BS]



Geralyn Grumley

Geralyn Grumley
Geralyn is an Interior Architecture major, graduating in the Spring of 2020. Currently, in residential design, she looks forward to adventuring into hospitality design. Geralyn also loves to work with her hands, refinishing furniture in her spare time. “I tend to be adventurous in life and in design.

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