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Royal Palm Hotel Detroit - The Guesthouse | Allure

For the Royal Palm Hotel Detroit project, we got to work with a real client and design a restaurant and café space for them. The hotel is a historic 1920s built and through my design I wanted to tie the historic lobby into my design, using motifs from throughout the hotel. For the restaurant design, I wanted to create a space that was modern with touches or history through millwork. For the café, I wanted to double this space as a lobby and business center since there is no room on the footprint. I also wanted this space to feel homie and inviting to hotel guests and members of the community. Lastly, I added on to this project for my own portfolio and another class and designed a hotel room. I wanted this space to be a place for guests to relax and recharge after a day in the city.


Art + Design



Interior Design [BS]


Linkedin- Lydia Irving

Lydia Irving

I am a dual degree student in the Architecture and Interior Architecture program, I am currently in my third year. When I am not working on school projects, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and go golfing. I also have two fish, named Liam and Jamarcus.

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