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Royal Palm Hotel Detroit - City Roast | Ciao

For our Interiors Studio project this semester, our class was assigned to work with a real client and design the restaurant and café for the Royal Palm Hotel in Detroit. When creating the design for the café I focused on implementing a grab-and-go service. I studied the café designs in Japan, a country known for its fast-paced and efficient culture. This is how I came up with the concept of City Roast, the trendy café where workers could come in to grab a quick bite to eat during their break as well as a cool place where young people could come in to sit, relax, and talk over a cup of coffee.

When thinking of a design concept for the restaurant, Ciao, I knew I wanted to create a design that could be a more modern and airier take on the previous design of the restaurant. The restaurant would be the place where people coming into the city would visit before or after going to events such as games, concerts, and theatres. The restaurant would also be the place for people to treat their loved-one to a romantic diner.


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Mayyan Melad

I am a 4th-year international student from Bahrain currently majoring in Interior Architecture and minoring in Graphic Design. When I am not on campus, I love hanging out with friends and discovering new hotspots and restaurants around the city of Detroit. My passions are traveling, designing, and food.

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