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Royal Palm Hotel Detroit - Castile | Reign

​This project was designed for Midwest Hospitality Group for the Hotel Park Avenue renovation. The two spaces include a restaurant and a café. The restaurant is tailored more towards brunch and dinner while the café is specifically for breakfast required by Hilton Tapestry hotels. The entire process began with a meeting with the client, interviewing to get a better scope for their needs and wants, field measurements of the different spaces, and then the design process began. Both spaces provide something new, different, modern, and stately. Reign, the restaurant, took on subtle homage to Motown with a strong twist of its enriched history. For instance, the ivory keys of a piano and the contrasting matte black of a clarinet with the brass color of a saxophone were sophistically implemented. Castile, the café, took on strong homage to the existing architecture and the design is flushed out thoroughly by historical cues of France’s reign from Blanche of Castile. Such as the textured lighting fixtures in relation to France’s national animal, the use of brass from the existing elevators, and the vaulted arches from the lobby.


Art + Design



Interior Design [BS]



Instagram- @reem.portfolio

Emily Reem

Emily Reem is a 4th year Interior Architecture student at LTU.

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