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The first idea was to create a new table to fit into a small dining space. Smaller spaces still require a lot of storage, creating a higher table the top would allow for storage underneath the top. When considering what type of lumbar could be used, around slab would have the most natural edge left. In order to contrast the dark walnut wood, a lighter wood (oak) was chosen to be used for the table supports. The original idea was to use as little hardware as possible and use wood joints to connect everything.
“We only work with solid wood, the body through which we search for a tree’s soul. Solid wood is honest and real. The grain visible on the surface runs all the way through; there is permeance beneath the protective skin. Solid wood moves, breathes, and lives, even when it is made into furniture.”


Art + Design



Interior Design [BS]



Amber Roberson

Amber Roberson
Graduating May 2020 with a dual bachelors in Architecture and Interior Architecture. I plan to spend some time working within the field before continuing my education to gain my masters. I enjoy bringing new life to homes and furniture pieces and can find me searching for old pieces to rehab.

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