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Modular Atlier

My piece is an integrated workspace, focused on an optimal-function desk. As Corbusier created the “Modular Man” to form his buildings and furniture around, I am utilizing his theory and using this as an opportunity to design around my own particular proportions and movements. The form is based on geometry resulting from particular heights and distances I am most comfortable working to increase productivity. I am really interested in sustainable and natural practice through materials but I am drawn towards Corbusier’s push through mass-production and the integration of natural and machine-made. The idea is to use a similar application of tubular steel for structure and a light, natural wood to finish with the introduction of biophilia to help sustain a healthier mental focus.


Art + Design



Interior Design [BS]



Instagram: @kayleighwalker

Kayleigh Walker

Kayleigh Walker
I am a dual-degree student in Architecture + Interior Architecture, graduating this semester. In my limited free time, I study fitness nutrition and love to travel. I am continuing my education with the LTU Masters of Architecture program this summer while moving to Colorado for work and pursue my dream of building homes in the mountains.

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