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Metamorphosis Veterans Transitional Housing

The Metamorphosis Veterans Transitional Housing, located in Detroit, MI, was inspired by the perseverance of Detroit as a community and serves as a model for reintegrating veterans back into society. Emphasis on social support, while also maintaining a sense of privacy and autonomy makes Metamorphosis more than temporary shelter. It empowers residents, providing a safe space to learn new skills and healthy habits that will ensure long-term success and inspire transformation. The inclusion of a community garden integrates residents into local culture and helps to overcome societal stigmas about the veteran population, giving veterans a sense of purpose. Materials in their natural state provide an urban feel and were selected with sustainability and the health and wellbeing of the users in mind. Colors and artwork are established from the palette of the city and its rich history, providing an immersive experience for residents, staff, and guests alike.


Art + Design



Interior Design [BS]



Geralyn Grumley

Geralyn Grumley

Geralyn is an Interior Architecture major, graduating in the Spring of 2020. Currently in residential design, she looks forward to adventuring into hospitality design. Geralyn also loves to work with her hands, refinishing furniture in her spare time. “I tend to be adventurous in life and in design.”

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