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Mack Ave. Co-Operative

The Mack Co-Operative is focused around the philosophy of giving veterans a stable short-term home while improving their mood and behavior to flourish in society. The Co-Operative features the Still Serving Cafe which is an instrumental tool to get residents exposed to the public while becoming more employable. Veterans occupy roles within the cafe in order to operate the business on a daily basis and sustain the edible garden. Socialization is a core concept of the Co-Op; a sense of community is facilitated through social spaces connected vertically with a communication stair. In addition to the cafe, the co-op features a centrally located pond with fountain in the courtyard. The fountain is a strategic biophilic element that appeals to more than just residence’s sense of sight.


Art + Design



Interior Design [BS]



Insta: @curtisbac
LinkedIn: Curtis Bac

Curtis Bac

Curtis Bac

Hello, I am a soon-to-be graduate of Lawrence Tech’s Architecture and Interiors dual degree program. Upon graduation, I will be pursuing my masters of architecture degree. Through my education and professional experience at a custom residential architecture firm, I have discovered my affinity for residential architecture and how design impacts the built environment around us.

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