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Adaptive Reuse of the Peninsular Paper Company Building in Ypsilanti, MI

The project discovers how the shell of an existing building, in combination with site influence, can define interior architecture. Using the focus and suppression of view, natural light, and sound, the project isolates and joins together visual and auditory experiences as a consequence of site factors.

The building is split into three floors that each responds to different mixtures of site influence.

The building utilizes circulation and connects between spaces to join together visual and auditory experiences. Problems such as low natural light and little connection to the rest of the building are resolved with a light chase from the roof to the bottom floor.


Art + Design



Interior Design [BS]


Instagram: @architectderr @devo0106
Instagram: @nah.just.kendall

Kendall Hands, Devin Derr and Aaron

Devin Derr just completed his second year towards earning a Bachelors’s in Science of Architecture. This past semester, Devin greatly enjoyed experimenting in his studio courses, each providing new insight and interest to expand his understanding of architecture. When out of the studio, Devin likes observing and interacting with plants and nature, anything from hiking to horticulture.

Kendall Hands is now a third-year student in earning her dual bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Architecture. Growing up in Metro Detroit has piqued her interest in getting involved with the adaptive reuse of old buildings to provide modern amenities. When not completing projects she likes to sit and sketch the world around her.

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