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The Community Center + Heritage Center

The Community Center + Heritage Center are spaces that support the retrofitting of art, the craft of beer, and the opportunity for growth. 4Block Estate has renovated Denver Place into another multi-purpose building to serve a post-COVID19 economy with new purposeful standard of design located in the city of Denver, CO. Denver Place pursues a reflection on its people: resilient, adaptable, and forward thinking. We as humans tend to forget we too are animals in which we share these same attributes. If anything, the pandemic has showed us that we are just as capable. The big horn sheep traverses in a Z shape for sturdiness, stability, and to preserve strength. The mustang is another herd animal with strong legs, agile, and free. The lark bunting is a bird that is vocal, moves and lives in flocks, monogamous, and directs south for the winter. The mountain lion is rarely seen, has the ability to live in any ecosystem, rock climbers, and agile. The prairie rattlesnake is a solitary reptile and traverses in a rectilinear locomotion. The last animal studied is the bison, or also known as a buffalo. This nearsighted creature is constantly moving + eating. The goal of these spaces is to create a multitude of environments for varying people that share a similarity towards kindness, non-judged perspectives, and drive to learn + experience. All of this to say that the sentiment is for safety, well-being, and an objective sentience.


Art + Design



Interior Design [BS]




Emily Reem

I am an artist, a creator, a designer, a storyteller, a witty team player, a future leader, and an opportunist. I recently graduated from Lawrence Technological University (LTU) with Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture. Some of my passions include ceramics, collage art/illustrations, film, and set design. I am avid of originality with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry through a variety of roles and projects both within LTU's walls and outside of the country. Skilled (with a detailed eye) in Adobe Creative Suite, Google Suite, and more.

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