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The Curwood Place

The Curwood Place in Owosso Michigan is a renovation and reinvigorating project meant to provide housing and a main community hub. As it is already an existing building the project has to repurpose as much of the character of the building as possible. This is shown with the 8 residential units that promote general well-being with the use of calm textures, neutral colors, and ample daylight. The first level is dedicated to a restaurant that has a section designed for community cooking sessions. The demonstration kitchen can be a great place for couples to come together and create amazing food together. The overall rustic feel of the restaurant helps bring the cozy feeling one would feel at home which is then contrasted with bright pops of color that mimic the bright food that is served. The basement is reserved for the use of the local arts center as a new clay pottery studio for the community. Community, Gathering, Cozy, and Timeless define the reinvigoration of the Curwood Place.





Interior Design [BS]


Contact | 248.515.1729


Josue Pastrana

Josue Pastrana is a graduating senior in the dual degree architecture + interior architecture program and will continue his education in the Masters of Architecture Program in the summer. Josue not only focuses on the aesthetic but also emphasizes the user experience. He has worked in the design field for the last 2 years and will start a full-time role with GMB Architecture + Engineering after graduation. With a focus on the user experience, Josue is eager to help create impactful spaces in the educational design field.

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