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Curwood Place Project

The Curwood Place Project is a renovation of an existing mixed-use building in the Historic Curwood Park in Owosso, Michigan. The building will have apartments for short term leases on the second level and will also provide its future tenants with a private gym in the basement of the building. The apartments were designed to establish a feeling of comfort for those who are making Owosso their home for a short period of time. The first floor is designed to be a community hub composed of extra classrooms for the neighboring Shiawassee Arts Center, a gift shop for the art center, a tea/coffee room, and a restaurant. The design of the tea/coffee room and restaurant invoke the idea of art coming to life through color. Through this design, a strong connection is made between all programs on the first floor.





Interior Design [BS]


Contact (586)332-3399


Emily Finn

Emily Finn is a graduating member of the dual degree program for Architecture and Interior Architecture. Following graduation, Emily will be starting her Master’s program for Architecture here at LTU. When it comes to design, Emily focusses her projects on the user experience as well as the unique story each project has to offer. Currently, Emily is working at Saroki Architecture where she has the opportunity to work alongside both architects and interior designers. Emily is also a part of the IPAL program at LTU and has begun taking her Architect Registration Examinations to become a licensed architect.

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