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Curwood Place

Curwood Place is an apartment complex and restaurant that compliments the existing historical beauty
of Owosso Michigan. The apartments design stems from the existing stained glass, intricate mouldings,
terracotta tile, and original early 1900’s style windows. The restaurant is based on traditional dive bar
aesthetics but in an elevated way which utilizes complex lighting and rich textiles that play on the
reflection of light. Overall these spaces are inviting, enriching, and welcoming to all guests.





Interior Design [BS]


(734) 497-4081


Bailey Berdan

Bailey Berdan is a graduating senior in the dual degree program for Architecture and Interior
Architecture. After this semester she will be continuing onto her masters in Architecture at Lawrence
Tech. The focus for many of her projects are community uplifting and human centered design. She is set
to begin working after graduation at PARTNERS in Architecture as an Architectural and Interior Designer
where she will be able to contribute to many community centered projects such as public schools and
police stations.

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