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Capstone project

In this Capstone project, I aimed to create a design that would be most attractive to the Owosso
community and traveling workers. Students had to develop residential apartment units, and had
the liberty to develop whatever programming we chose below the apartments. Owosso’s
tradition, trading, and art had a significant influence on my design. The goal of the residential
units was to create a space that is modern with the use of neutrals with green accents, and
utilization of curved shapes to bring in a sense of flow and energy. Aged hardware, and
Shiawassee Art Center paintings will aid in the timelessness of these units. Residents will feel
comfortable in this calming environment, with soft finishes and views to the outdoors. On the
other hand, my farm to table market concept is inspired by Owosso being populated by
gatherers. This market will allow the community to come and sell their goods on the off season
of their farmers market. Filling the space with Owosso’s Robbins tables and Woodard chairs, the
community will be able to join one another and feast on the natural goods their neighbors sell.
The cash wrap markets will mirror the facade of the downtown buildings, bringing in Owosso’s
history. The materiality of this space will consist of dark reclaimed wood, and metal.





Interior Design [BS]



Phone: 231-373-3714


Amelia Rothfuss.

Hello, my name is Amelia Rothfuss. I am currently a senior at Lawrence Technological
University receiving a Bachelors of Science in Interior Architecture. When I am not in school, I
spend my time working at my internship at ROSSETTI in Downtown Detroit. My work aspires to
respond to local cultures, people, and surrounding environments. As a designer it is important to
me to create projects that are sustainable and guarantee a long lasting solution for the people
and community. I spend most of my time in the pre design phase to have a strong foundation to
my work.
I hope that you feel inspired by my work, feel free to reach out at any time.

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