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The Organic Gardens

My site is on the south-east end of the Jefferson Chalmers district on Manistique St. There are three unique neighborhood projects that I found intriguing and wanted to focus my design around. This area is susceptible to heavy flooding, so planning on how to mitigate that was a challenge that needed to be solved. My goal was to link the many open spaces within the neighborhood together to improve circulation and create a hub across the Detroit Abloom Garden that would serve as amenity to the neighborhood.



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Integrated Design Lab 4


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Peter Arton

My name is Peter Arton, and I am a current junior at Lawrence Technological University. I would like to continue my learning in Architectural Design and to seek a position in an Architectural environment where I can demonstrate my passion for design, expand on my technical and team work skills and create value for my company. I am always willing to learn new skills as I pursue my career in design. I grew up and live in Northville, Michigan.

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